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New Year New Beginnings!

The first thing that comes in mind when we talk about new year is always been what are your resolutions but more often times than not is how we change our current lives into something greater than we currently are.

New year is a reminder that our lives have been changed and will change whether we like it or not because change is constant. It reminds us that we have changed and we need to change because we change not to our expectations.

So why change when change is constant and every time we want change and make changes in our lives change itself in different aspects interfere.

The way back HOME ❤️

Its the time of the year when you’re going home, reuniting with family, spending the holidays together and recuperating from the stress education is giving.

The best thing about my holidays or shall I say My Christmas Vacation was, First, I will not worry to budget my allowance to survive for the week instead I will worry for the food that I miss to eat because “lutong bahay” is the best and you can’t get enough of it and because it only serve in our home and with the overflowing love of our parents that only they can give.

Second, since your home and not in school or boarding house you get all the sleep you like and not worry of the time you wake up because its your domain!!

Third, “THE SEA” the vast sea of Bongao Tawi-tawi where tawitawians sustain their living through the wealth of the sea. The sea also is our go to place with my friends whenever we see each other, its peculiar tho how we trade restaurant to boulevard. But the most fun part is when you dive in and enjoy the burning sun in your skin!

Fourth, revisiting fave places me and my friends go to when we’re hungry, a few kilometer from home… “umbrella”, “beachside Inn”, “Rachels Place” and many more.

Fifth, was the sleep-over that we usually do in high school and doing things not should be done but we do it anyway. ✌️

Lastly, the memories you shared to your family and friends. Its always the best days of the year when you go home!!!


The phase of misinformation

We live in an age where technology and the internet is leading the way we do things. Now, more than ever, people are more vocal and engaged on issues affecting the lives of everyone. This involvement should create a healthy environment for discourse and dialogue. However, the opposite seems to be the case.

The rise of social networks like Facebook as given everyone equal platform to express their ideas and opinions. In a democratic country, freedom of speech is an important responsibility enjoyed by democratic countries like the Philippines and the United States. However, social media seems to divide people more than it should unite them. Because social media is a free platform, opinions, informed of ill-informed, are easily spread and easily misinterpreted thus leading to dividing people.

AS a communicator, I have 3 responsibilities which I need to practice everyday to become a responsible user of social media. These three responsibilities are: verifying whether the news is fake or not, treating people with respect online and offline, and correct misinformation by educating for what is true.

Fake News is everywhere and as communicators, we are the best person to combat fake news. We were taught about media ethics and the dos and donts of a newswriting. VERIFY. This is very important. As educated citizens, we should be inteligent enough to not share fake news and not spread lies.

I also have the responsibility of combating hate online by treating others with respect even if our opinions are not the same. Yes we do have freedom of speech but we have also the responsibility to not hurt or destory people’s lives.

Lastly, educating misinformed netizens is what is most needed these days. IF a friend is misinformed about a certain issue, we do not just leave it as such. We can politely correct them so that they will not side with propaganda and troll-mentality.

There is so much to do but I will never give up because my course and my university taught me to stand up for the truth and to always be responsible in my actions and words.